Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Music - Martyn Joseph

Martyn Joseph - free downloads

Martyn JosephMartyn Joseph is a Welsh singer/songwirter. He often performs solo, just him and his acoustic guitar, although he has been known to have a full band set-up, or to join with other musicians (see 'Faith, Folk and Anarchy' below). He's made loads of recordings, but personally I prefer his live acoustic stuff; to me it's where his passion really comes across. And passion is a word you have to use when talking about Martyn Joseph, who writes and performs passionate songs covering a variety of subjects from the mundane to the spectacular.
You can discover or rediscover Martyn Joseph through a variety of mp3s freely available at There are also a whole host of downloadable Windows Audio files (wma) taken from various radio interviews that Martyn has done over the years, including his thoughts on different subjects as well as some live performances.