Friday, September 11, 2009

Free Music - Jan Krist Live

Jan Krist? Never heard of her? You're missing out!

Jan Krist is an acoustic american singer/songwriter who released "Love Is Not To Blame" in the early 90s (Released as "Decapitated Society" in the States, I think). She's one of those artists that doesn't really fit into a mould, she writes great songs, with excellent lyrics, thoughtful, searching, well-crafted.

I recently visited her website to discover that there are 5 live audio tracks available for download. Here's the link

If you like what you hear, several of her albums are available for download on Amazon or Itunes, as well as various other mp3 distribution sites.

Free Music - Faith, Folk & Anarchy

While meandering around the net recently, I came across a link to download the album "Faith, Folk & Anarchy" free of charge and legally! The album contains tracks by Tom Robinson, Steve Knightley & Martyn Joseph, a personal favourite of mine. As the album titles implies, the tracks are all acoustic based songs, and as you'd expect from theses particular songwriters, the tracks all have a lot to say about faith, life, love, society, etc.

Download the album at

Also of interest on Tom Robinson's website are a load of previous albums, again available for free download. Check it out :

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Back in the '90s Steve Taylor toured with his album Squint. The album was a sort of comeback for him. It's an excellent album with great tracks such as "Jesus is for losers", "The Finish Line" and plenty of others.

The tour came to the UK, with Guardian supporting, and maybe a couple of other bands, but I can't really remember them, sorry.

Anyhow, on sale during the tour was this comic "Bannerman" following the story of the hero of the song "Bannerman", with a couple of little shorts about the bands on the tour. It's basically a bit of fun, but a nice memento of the tour all the same.

You can read the comic in CBR format if you have a Comic Reader such as Comic Rack installed. Alternatively just rename the file to .zip and extract the images.

For more information, bootlegs, videos, etc on Steve Taylor and his band Chagall Guevara check out :

N.B. Steve Taylor was not into (and hopefully is still not into) being politically correct, this applies to his music and comic.

Get Bannerman comic